“Today, sun high… up in the sky/from N.Y. la la to M.I., just cruisin'” (Will Smith)

What do you know about cruisin’?! The simple pleasure of wander around be it in a car, on a scooter or in this case on a skateboard. Relax, have fun, you are not going from point A to point B, you’re just going. I’m not a skateboarder anymore. I don’t go to the local skatepark: my left knee doesn’t want me to. I’ve had my share of sessions, especially doing my two years staying in Paris where people talk less and skate more. I gotta confess by the way that even if I consider my skate days over, I think that skateboarding is hella fun, there’s nothing like it. In a situation like this, Bantam is the perfect fit. Globe latest item that is making the news (thanks also to a few hotties in bikini that are part of the communication campaign) is this little plastic skateboard that fits in that niche with the cruisers and the longboards. Thanks to Mike X, the head in charge over at Globe Europe I had the chance to actually test one of these transportation devices, now available in Italy through S.R.D. distribution. The first impression I had was going back in time. Innocence and spontaneity were key factors when I first started riding this thing and magically it all seemed to come back. In a matter of minutes I felt like trying to manual and it was good fun, no matter if front wheels, back wheels or even switch. The city was my playground and all I had to do was roll. The sensation of an old 70s plastic board with abec 7 bearings on 62 mm 83 a wheels (read: fast wheels that are grippy and don’t allow you to slide) is not easy to explain. Plus everybody lives this skate thing as he wants and this makes even harder to pass you the message on how much fun I had on this deck. I was assisted by a young photographer to document this and she did an excellent job. Erica Effi Pessina was following me, not complaining at all. That’s her that pushed me to do that slappie grind at the end of the session. I tried it just because the marble lip invited me to do so but it came out first try so smooth that Erica was like “What, don’t you want to try it again?!” The second try is what you see in this picture, longer, harder, better, faster like I was on a Kanye West program. I know, it’s only a slappie but it felt damn good. Beside these above pictures, all by Erica, I took a few pictures of the Bantam itself that I posted on a gallery on Facebook here. Cruise or die!


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