“Too black, too strong/too black, too strong” (Public Enemy)

How many times do we have to meet the word “black” in hip hop? Biggie was the black Frank white, U God had black gold in his soul, Afu Ra said that in the sky there was no supernova, but a black hole and all in all, don’t you call hip hop and r’n’b generically “black music”? Forget your matching game here. You could call me a Raider today if real men wear black, because the denim that came under analysis at The Maxiemillion is perfect for a Raider fan too. Let’s give a warm welcome to the Upper Playground Anniversary denim. Ten years strong, Upper Playground, via our homies at Interjeans srl,thought it was the perfect time to give you for Xmas this delicious denim. No gimmicks, a plain quality black denim with eco leather finishing. What more do you want to have a change from your “6 days per week denim” program? Everybody has seen you around with that Estevan denim forever, it may be the perfect time for a change. A straight leg cut gives this pant a very up to date look that no matter if you listen to the above mcs, to Iron Maiden or to Eros Ramazzotti, you can wear this and make it yours. It’s like a blackboard: it’s there waiting your touch. It’s the ultimate object of desire: made in Europe from quality fabric that doesn’t leave stains on your hands or on your white leather sofa. You can’t go wrong if what we talking about is called Anniversary and it’s the celebration of 10 years of history of Upper Playground. A million or so of tee shirts out, the most wide range of all the streetwear brands (I dare you to find another brand that sells shower curtains), the most influencial artists are on their roster and last but not least it’s a funny brand.
Smile, you’re now rocking an Anniversary pant!

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