Touch it – bring it – babe – watch it – turn it – leave it – stop – format it (Busta Rhymes)

Ever wondered what the future has in stock for us? I’m not talking about your next holidays, but what the world will be like in ten years. Maybe in twenty. We may witness something like completely automatic cars with no driver, working with a complex GPS system that also works as a radar with the cars around to calculate everything in infinite math variables. Of course you rent these cars on websites where u chose details to fit your request of capability and accessories. The only sad thing about this is that we won’t have funny looking robots as companions that make us laugh when they speak with what we may define as “electronic accent”. People at New Era thought of us, so they want to fill that void with a 59fifty cap that is down with the current trends that see ghetto gold as a leading force in urban wear. This is what you may have on your head when you’re chillin like a villain and a funny smile is is one of your strong points. Are you so ahead of your time that you can rock your jewels with a matchin’ cap? Only the future knows. Yes, this baby here won’t be on sale until august. I had to avoid the surveillance cameras at the Industrial Studio to give u this scoop. You’ve seen it here first.

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