Tretorn ● Nylite7 high

Tretorn has a rich history. While other brands try hard to show off a heritage that they don’t have, Tretorn is a natural in this sense.

Born in 1891 out of necessity, this brand master of rubber craftsmanship started in that year the production of high-quality rubber galoshes primarily used by villagers, fishermen and the military. Then, after more than a million galoshes sold, in 1955 this brand submits the patent for the permanent pressure ball. It would be more than enough but we can’t forget its tennis shoes that were seen on Bjorn Borg feet during the 60s. Tretorn continuous evolution and its Swedish design roots made an impact in contemporary lifestyle footwear that can’t be ignored.

That’s why, in the year of Tretorn 125th anniversary, I am showing you Nylite7 high. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the iconic Nylite, this model is minimal and polished to every detail. Its rubber outsole is not white but yellowish, giving it that subtle vintage flavor and the leather strings that match the leather accent gullwing on the side make it precious. Its Eco OrthoLite insole is an environmentally friendly, bio-based formulation that replaces 20% of the petroleum traditionally used with a bio-oil substitute made from castor beans. The smooth suede makes it a shoe with a no break in period, so you can enjoy it from the very first time that you wear it. Not only its sleek silhouette looks good: it even feels good. Available exclusively on US market and not here in Europe, these shoes in Michela P hands are a true gem. Are you ready to shine?
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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