True Love False Idols ● Doyers New Era 59fifty

It’s with much pleasure that I found myself once again reviewing a TLFI item since the beginning of this year. Last time it was a tee shirt named Reggie 4.0, today it’s a New Era cap. A 59fifty to say it all. If its name is Doyers and it’s royal blue and white, there are chances that designer Alex 2tone wanted to give hommage to the Dodgers, the baseball team that represents the City of Angels to the fullest. What makes this 59fifty special, beside the accurate raised logo embroidery is the visor. The undervisor is what it’s getting attention from the designers when it comes to create a special one. This here has a chain stitch pattern that sets it apart from any official Dodgers cap. The number 2 with crossbones is the tag of Alex 2tone. Coming from aerosol art world, he had to pick a name and that was his, even when he has no cans in his hands but paper and pen and he’s knee deep into designing a collection like the last one I had the pleasure to check out. Shirts, sweaters, denim jackets and pants, windbreakers, chinos. Not a tee shirt company, let it be clear from the get go. TLFI has a solid partnership with La Jolla Group and never left ever since. This allows them to deliver quality pieces like the one above. Look for it here on the old continent and you will have an hard time finding it, since True Love False Idols is just starting in these days at BBB trade show to connect with Euro distributors. This cap separetes the kings from the villains. Can you say street elite? It talks a language that is obscure to the masses and that is definately the kind of hidden message that makes this blog proud to keep on delivering posts that rock your world. TLFI by the way rocks my world. Who may say louder than me to be “in love with a lifestyle that I can’t afford”?! This is how their claim sounds and there I find all the humour that I find mandatory for a brand to really stand out. Quality and humour. This is the ultimate LA edge. It’s hard for any newcomer to hit the market, but after all if you have sharp concepts and a gifted hand who could stop you? Not even the whole Dodgers team.

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