Trustever ● Classic Premium t-shirt

Trustever is more than an average brand: it’s a state of mind. Born from a wordplay that finds a hidden English claim in the popular Roman neighborhood called Trastevere, this is the creative outlet of the skater from Rome known as Papik.

If you go back on Rome skate history books you can’t deny the belonging of this old school cat to the OG squad rolling on the marble of the Italian capital. He was even featured on a poster in XXX skateboard magazine, the media I worked for in the 90s.

With a strong passion for music that manifests in his endless collection of funk vinyls, this individual is the ninja that you don’t see in every skate mag but like he was EPMD… he keeps it moving. He recently reached the three digits on its YouTube serie “To live and die in Trustever”, a rugged and true to life tale of what skating in Rome is.

I posted a crispy Trustever tee 7 years ago that was rich in graphic content while this Classic Premium t-shirt is more a celebration of the original logo. The little embroidery on the chest is a perfectly crafted and this in an ideal skater world is a plus: you can wash over and over this item after your sweaty skate sessions and its branding will stay the same.

Available in several other colors, this t-shirt here worn by Alessia M leaves no detail untouched if you peep at it closely. Music culture must have influenced Papik even here. Not only you have a woven label stitched inside the collar that says Trustever on the front: on side b, exactly like his vinyls have music on both sides, it says “13%”. Just like it was a key to find a hidden treasure, that number means… Trastevere, the 13th neighborhood of Rome. I warned you at the beginning that this tee represents a whole another state of mind…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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