Trustever ● Rome t-shirt

Not exactely Brooklyn but lying on the same coast is the City of Brotherly Love also known as Philadelphia. In this city, in its center to be exact, there is this worldwide milestone of skateboarding history that is Love Park with it’s huge “Love” monument. The L, the o, the v and the e are written in the same way of this Rome tee. How comes, since it’s a Trustever tee shirt, underground king of old school Rome skate movement? Follow me in the wonderful land of the correct answers. Papik Rossi, the man behind this brand has strong connections with Philly that go over a span of a couple of decades. Friends that moved there from Rome and viceversa and that get together in these days lead to a one of a kind collaboration: not among brands but among cities. Passions and cultures revolving around the same center: what makes a friendship realer than this? It’s a hommage to a city that gave a lot to Papik. Our man has roots in skateboarding that you can track back to that “Eastern Exposure” type of vibe, together with the taste of that music scene that is Philly made him envision a cultural bridge of two cities so different yet so close in his personal experience. Cardinals red printed on a eco charcoal heather tee with a label hand stitched in Trastevere (Rome area where Trustever is from) this is the way to go, simple and plain. There is a rumour around that these tees are out of stock, but you never know when Papik will put on sale the second batch, so stay tuned. Show love to Rome but most of all show a bunch of love for yourself when you get your hands on a Trustever item.

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