“We gon’ get, that, glow/we gon’ push it to the limit and live it until we swim in them digits” (Camp Lo)

How many sneakers are there? Too many you think? Incorrect: many more. Skate kicks, basketball sneakers, lifestyle shoes… the list is infinite and my email is bombed by newsletters with new releases on daily basis.

Boma Agency has the same passions of many of us: sneakers and caps, therefore they couldn’t be happier to also distribute Tubelaces, among their brands. Beside the funny and functional case, beside the mention they got this week on Lodown Magazine, Tubelaces has a lot to offer.

Like every head has its cap, every sneaker has its laces and this brand got plenty. Incorrect: way more than that. Beside all the camo and rasta patterns that you may like, beside any leopard or snake print, you have Glow in The Sun laces. Believe me if I tell you that in total darkness these laces are 100% white.

Put them in shadow and they will take a shade of pink according to the light around, put them in the sun and watch them turn into neon pink or lilac. Fun for days, if you ask me. Give new life to an old pair of kicks, make little kids go crazy, astonish your enemies: no matter what you do with these laces, you will be a winner.

The importance of customization together with a feeling more playful and less collector, is what Tubelaces wants you to get into.

While others just want to shine, it’s about time for you to glow.

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