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When it came to pants we ventured far and wide, high and low to discover that good ole denim is not relevant like it was a few years ago. Don’t panic anyway: it didn’t go anywhere, it’s still here. We asked to Two Angle what’s the state of health of this canvas that reigned over streetwear for a long time and they had a story to tell us.


Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a heron that had some newborn baby birds to take care of. He loved his babies so much that instead of feeding them with whatever it could find, it went searching something special, something that could not only feed them but also make them happy. Of all the food it tried there was a little leaf with seven tips that had a special flavor, so delicious to also bring a sense of happiness so intense that nothing else could ever give.


That’s why it tried to bring the more it could to his nest but a strong wind made them fly away. There has been so much love in picking them up that once these leaves hit the ground, they turned into plants that bring love and happiness to the human race for centuries to come.


Ok, I stop with being creative but this heron with leaves is so next level that it made me go crazy.


This Sabel pant not only is perfectly embroidered but it shows extra care in an acid wash that has no weak spots. There is a first class distressed treatment that you can only expect by a brand from Paris whose reputation in the underground circuits precedes it.


I am so positively impressed by this denim pant that tomorrow I will show you another item by Two Angle strictly related to the Sabel creating a two days special on this brand.


Peep Two Angle website while you wait for tomorrow: Sabel price is such a bargain it seems a fairy story…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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