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We started yesterday this two days special on Two Angle. That superior denim pant called Sabel with his embroideries and washing gave us the picture of what the brand from Paris is capable of.

If that was our warm up now we are ready for Shyne jacket and considering how it looks that warm up was very necessary. Relying on an imagery that blink an eye to Japan, the promised land where streetwear dominates and denim is a cult, this mens item is a dream come true. Yes I made it wear to Michela P but no, it’s not a women jacket.

Starting from its back embroidery, here the heron that loves leaves with seven tips has even a volcano (is it Fuji?) as a background. Look closely and get stoked as I am because the level of craftsmanship is stellar here. Every detail is defined and neat.

The left shoulder has been zig zagged and there are two more herons embroidered on the sleeves. Its big copper buttons are the right complement to this precious jacket and the distressed treatment tells you why I’m using the adjective “precious”.

There are little holes here and there and bleaching has been made flawlessly. You can go for the “all denim” way (which I personally don’t like but magazines are full of this) or blend a sweatpants or a jogger for a fly style.

I don’t feel like I am exaggerating if I say that this could be found on the racks of an exclusive boutique. With its slightly relaxed fit and all these state of the art embroideries this could be an high fashion item, making customers happy to pay even a couple of thousands euros in order to wear this in special occasions.

Lucky you it’s not! This means that you can easily browse Two Angle website and cop this jacket for a price that you can afford, not leaving you bankrupt or making you stay at home instead of going on holiday
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