Two Angle – Sypear crewneck

I have seen many but many many many all over print fleeces, like we were talking of Fugees microphones and no one gave me the feeling of this piece by Two Angle. I see this Sypear crewneck as something clean, odd but not too much “in your face” and last but not least funny. But not in the same mood of slogan tees or cartoonish designs. This is subtle, something that you don’t really realize at first. On its vivid print you find flowers, leaves and pears but look closely and you will also notice a butterfly knife. Close to it there is even a hand grenade. Does this mean that to get pears we have to drop bombs? Not really, it’s more on the wavelength of: “This crewneck with pears is a bomb” to me. It’s the shock value of the juxtaposition of images that cause stupor and catalyze your interest, giving you an opportunity to crack a smile. Made of brushed fleece, the Sypear is ready to get along for the ride in these September days where you don’t really understand how the weather is like. Its composition is 100% cotton and its light grey color makes it a piece that can virtually go with everything, from raw denim to a colorful jogger pant. The brand based in Paris with a style office in New York hits us even this time with an outstanding piece. If you too want to upgrade your style with this fresh brand like my friend Dario P did, nothing is more simple: make your shop owner connect with Blue Distribution. It’s the bomb! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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