Two Angle – Tubens t-shirt

Who could come up with a better t-shirt for Halloween?! Thanks to Two Angle, I have an unparalleled banger here. Isn’t Halloween a celebration for all the saints? In the field of of rap there is nothing sacred like these heads on the t-shirt that Shaki R is wearing. We are talking about Biggie Smalls, Eazy-E, Jam Master Jay and Tupac. These are four untouchable names and it truly makes sense to put them in a winged version among angels in a Sistina Chapel type of scenario where you can do nothing but recognize their magnitude. From East to West, no godfather of rap has been forgotten here. From Biggie ill flows to Jam Master Jay hand on the wheel, to Eazy-E tales of gangs and bi____s up to the thug also known as Makavelli, you can find the cream of the crop of heavyweights here. There is always a flawless job when it comes to an item by Two Angle and this Tubens t-shirt is no exception. This is screen printing of the finest quality with an attention to detail that speaks for itself. A t-shirt by this brand always has a smooth hand and when it comes to the print it’s accurate, like I told you the other times that I reviewed t-shirts by Two Angle. It’s no surprise then that this brand is distributed by, considering their continuous quest for quality in every piece they deal with. So treat yourself with this top of the line t-shirt: there are no hidden tricks (and of course you can wear it even when Halloween is over…).

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