Two Angle x Illegal ● Sarnak Crewneck

What do you have when two strong entities of underground Parisian streetwear join forces? If their mission is making fun of established fashion you can expect brilliant concepts, superior craftsmanship and a result above expectations.


We are familiar with Two Angle, are we? The brand hailing from the French capital has been posted on The Maxiemillion several times, giving a picture of what is a wide range of streetwear inspired by hip hop with a penchant for flipping concepts. The passion for such movement is evident if you think that I posted here already tees with Eazy-E or Biggie Smalls among others.


This time Two Angle collaborated with Illegal, this other Parisian brand making fun of sex, drugs and fashion and the result is an ultra funny unorthodox crewneck that looks like it belongs to that Japanese brand that is everybody’s dream in the French capital. But since the concept has been stolen from said brand, you are hustling… comme des bandits.


Sarnak crewneck with its flocked letters sends a loud and clear message such: yes I know high end fashion and no, I couldn’t care less about it. This is quite a revolutionary point of view that of course I back up to the fullest.


This terry cloth item perfect for the breezy summer nights has an extreme care of detail. Its cuffs are a little longer than the average and the little heart representing the above mentioned Japanese maison has been cut off and turned into a thief mask that is embroidered on the low part, close to the hem. Now tell me if this isn’t a conceptually superior piece?!


Parisians are really picky about what they wear and the result is a high standard in general that in our case leads us to a final product that you end up appreciating from any perspective. Give a look to Two Angle website and you will love this (and with those sale prices you will love it even more).
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