Two Angle – Yamari crewneck

It’s gettin’ hot in here like Nelly just dropped his single. In this case you have no choice but head to the seaside resort of your dreams or if you can’t, at least go check your friend with a pool in his garden so you can chill for a minute. But let’s not forget that it’s September in three weeks so you may need a crewneck to go out at night. Yes, The Maxiemillion pampers you like your mom does. The difference is that I suggest you fresh apparel that your mum is probably not familiar with. Two Angle is a brand born by putting together two different angles: a New York designer with a Parisian style office. Such philosophy must work well, if you consider that this is a brand born in 1996 that shows no sign of slowing down. Fast to catch up current trends, giving its own twist to each item, The Maxiemillion showed appreciation to this brand for a few years now, with brilliant streetwear items reviewed each seasons. Now it’s time for a crewneck with no equals: Yamari crewneck. Think of a graffiti piece to do on a rough wall: this is the crewneck that you wore to paint that wall white before you did art on it. The custom cut of this item includes a cord at the waist and a patch applique on shoulders. A touch of finesse is the reflective material all around the two zipped pockets, as you can see from Dario P last picture. Far from average, Two Angle gives you the next level now. Tell your mom! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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