Two Angle – Yanabi Crewneck by Move Shop

You know it’s fall when you see leaves falling and this is happening right now. You know that it’s an item by Two Angle when leaves instead of falling, get screen printed on the sleeves. In these days, with holiday season approaching, people start to come equipped for a really cold weather. To say it all, here in Italy the weather did not lead to freezing temperatures yet. This means that we can still wear terry cloth crewnecks instead of fleece ones. Take this piece called Yanabi that Shaki R is wearing. Lightweight but heavy in style, this is the type of garment that you want to wear all year round especially considering that its color palette makes it a piece that you may wear easily with anything. This crewneck has the same high standard of quality that Two Angle got us used to with the other pieces that we already saw here: a soft hand feeling with cuffs and hem slightly longer than usual. The detail that makes it special is that micro pocket there you can put small objects that you need handy in your life. A condom? A USB key? A couple of spare rolling papers? The brand from Paris with a New York state of mind never shows sign of slowing down and couldn’t be happier about it. Their distribution deal with Two Angle is simply a natural choice since this couple of smooth operators of the European streetwear scene are on the same wavelength for what concerns style and quality, two concepts that never fall, no matter the season.

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