Two Angle ● Yeazy t-shirt

The name of this item is Yeazy t-shirt, so you would better pay attention to its spelling. We are not talking about that n.1 champion of Twitter rants worldwide acclaimed as a style master. We are talking about Eazy motherf___in’ E. That cat straight outta Compton universally considered as one of the godfathers of Gangsta Rap. Now his legend has mainstream fame thanks to that Straight Outta Compton movie that hit theaters last year.

I have an hard time here not to go crazy on this Two Angle piece because of two reasons: 1) Eazy E is one of my idols 2) graphically speaking this tee is killer but I’ll do my best to maintain. The character that we are talking about is really complex and probably very far from the representation on screen that they gave us. An OG, a pioneer of a game where gang members, pimps and drug dealers would become artists to represent a struggle that you can feel is real. So many good tracks, so little time, therefore I will pass to reason 2 real quick.

This tee is up to the standard that Two Angle got us used to. Who else could turn that Old English font that says Compton on Eazy snapback into a street art portrait?! That’s why Dario P is making the C sign that stands for Compton. The brand that calls both Paris and New York (its “two angles”) home keeps its level of quality very high with a light print, a low collar and a proper branding close to the hem. Be a real motherf___in’ G: it’s always Yeazy season. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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