Two Angle – Yont crewneck by Move Shop

Hype and more hype. What would be our world without it?! There is hype on your favorite dj, your favorite sneakers and your favorite movie. It can be word of mouth, viral on the net or advertised on billboards but the thing doesn’t change: Two Angle invites you to question all this. Can you still think for yourself? I invite my readers to do so all the time and it feels great to see that the brand from Paris with a style office in New York feels the same. The claim “Don’t believe the hype” on this Yont crewneck is a timeless anthem by Public Enemy if you are an old school guy like me but here on this crewneck this brand gave it a current style to represent such message in a flawless way. I am intrigued by animalier patterns and this design gives justice to them all: snake, leopard and tiger. It is not the first time that Two Angle had a crewneck with this claim. Last time it was a bit different but still ready for the urban jungle like this piece is. The accuracy of the choice of colors too should not be underestimated: this crewneck is dope also because of the pairing of burgundy with grey and let me add, that little triangle in the neck area is the icing on the cake. This mens item that Chiara B is wearing is available in Italy through and it’s ready to make you stand out in a crowd that can do nothing but… believe the hype.

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