“Glittered out, stout face, tech, Rae up in the Hilton/heard Nia Long is in the building” (Ghostface Killah)

It has been love at first sight when I opened last box from Two Angle and I saw this piece.

A lot of men from all over the planet feel attracted by money and power and it seems that in the case of our involuntary model here on this tee, money was so large that gave her the possibility to even buy respect.

Come on, when a girl survived a sex tape leaked on Youtube, had some quality time with Chad Muska back in the day and is now signed to CMYMB, tell me who would turn her down?! We are checking another tee from Two Angle today, after we peeped that Yeiffel tee last week.

This European brand has a double inspiration, both from New York and Paris and let me to say that this pedigree allows no weak spots, when it comes to streetstyle. What Barbara F is wearing here is called Vly and I have plenty of reasons to back up this t-shirt.

The cotton is soft at a level that very few other tees can reach and this alone makes it a valuable item. The print is exactly at the same standard of the other Two Angle tees that I posted here. This means photographic quality without having a thick extra layer over your t-shirt.

The subject of the print is sexy but also very funny, let alone that it involves the socialite world and this can be the perfect icebreaker at a party. So party like you should: rocking a Two Angle tee that you can get from Moveshop.it.

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