“Who’s next to flip on that cat with that grip on rap/the most shady (“Tell ’em!”) Frankie baby” (Notorious BIG)

Guess who’s back on The Maxiemillion? One of the most valuable player of the streetwear game in Europe. Ladies and gents, I’m glad to present you an item by Two Angle today. We have seen in the past a few tees, a jacket and a crewneck by this brand but the more I get to know it the more I love it. The reason is called communication code. We love the same things and we both have one eye on street fashion and the other on good fun, all heavily influenced by hip hop. No, not 90s hip hop: here we talk about a modern take on urban style whose benchmarks are the cities of Paris and New York, two places where fashion and urban style go hand in hand. These are actually the two angles that this brand is named after. The Ycats t-shirt that Flavia P is wearing requires an experienced street wear aficionado to pull it off properly. I would suggest an all black everything outfit except for your kicks where I would love to see that red touch that would make you shine like a real G. This naked chick with a feline head is dumb nice and as wild as the t-shirt says. As far as the word cat in case you didn’t know it’s a slang way way to call people in third person instead of saying “dude” or “guy”. Beside what’s printed on it, Two Angle tees are the smoothest ever, there is also a little branding on the sleeve and you can cop them all in Italy through Moveshop.it

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