“Wrapped by a power, a musical shower/a picture of me on the Eiffel Tower” (LL Cool J)

Two Angle is a relevant player of the street wear game. Its strategic placement in Paris with a style office in New York is your guarantee of freshness. These are the two angles that the name of the brand is about: the two metropolis that lead the urban fashion industry worldwide.

I lived in Paris, so I know how it goes: no random mix in outfits. Everybody is on point because the bar in style wars is raised at top level. If it comes from such environment you can expect nothing but excellent clothing and this is the case. The Yeiffel tee here worn by Sara M is a combination of styles that surely will meet the expectations of the fans of this brand.

On this photographic print, this almost naked girl is wearing a cap that you can easily associate with the traditional French style. Add for authenticity an Eiffel Tower on her back. Everything makes sense here but it’s when you add fake tattoos that the thing gets steaming hot.

A close inspection of the tattoos reveals names like Pigalle and Belleville, two areas of the French Capital where life is hectic and interesting, especially at night. We already saw in the past a few t-shirts by this brand and I’m really glad to have Two Angle back on The Maxiemillion.

I can relate to their sense of humor and so does their Italian distributor Moveshop.it but there is more: the cotton is really soft and the print is accurate. It’s not only a matter of fun and games here…

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