“Some ni**az cross town was tryin to stick me/all I had was shorts, a dollar fifty” (Phife Dawg)

Two Angle can offer you a high standard of quality. If you were psyched on the t-shirts that I showed you already, rest assured that there is much more. When you are in a crucial point for all types of fashion like Paris is, you can only be motivated to do more and better because of the high level of the competition there. Two angles of this planet that we call Earth like Paris and New York are the references of style that influence this brand. In this way garments turns into items to make you look unique and passionate about what you wear. Here on these Yose shorts there is a research that takes this item to the upper level. The two fabrics blend in harmony generating a strong impact that is very moderate at the same time due to its colors. If we talk about fit there is nothing bad that you can say about this piece: both the length and the way it drops on the legs are current. So are the cuffs that are stitched, like you see here. Once you start to look closely at these pictures you may notice a belt. This accessory is part of the Yose short, giving it a vintage feeling. The more you look at it, the more details you notice that contribute to the result of a superior short: the loop with that hanger for the keychain wallet and the branding close to the pockets. If you think about it, this brand is distributed by Moveshop.it because of one reason: passion for street fashion.

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