Twoangle – Miyork t-shirt

I told you why Twoangle is called like that, right? All goes back to the first time that I reviewed one of its pieces, the Veddy Jacket. This brand is called in this way because of the two different perspectives on streetwear that come from the two cities that it is based on. One is the city of Paris and the other one is New York City. Paris is where this brand is based and New York is where its style office is. Both these metropolis are considered like worldwide meccas of streetwear, cities where your street style talks loud and clear, where only sharp outfits are appreciated. If you want to stand out in such a competitive scenario, Twoangle has a superior piece for you. The t-shirt that Alberto C is wearing talks about the love for city life. A beautiful picture that represents the City that Never Sleeps is the main inspiration that lead to the creation of this Miyork tee. Never sleeping on any of its designs, Two Angle felt like adding a few geometric shapes. The sublimated print is top quality and it is only on the front panel because the back is black, as you can see from the fourth picture. No matter the city that you are in, this t-shirt will be welcomed open arms. I have seen this piece sold online in Europe but in Japan too. I suggest to rock this tee when you switch your wardrobe to nocturnal mode. Go out and party like there is no tomorrow: the city is yours.

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