U-Lace ● No Tie Laces Hot Pink + Black

In case you have doubts, let me identify myself real quick: I’m a grown up. An adult that fell in love with skateboarding and streetwear one day and got trapped ever since. Being what you should call “mature”, I have an open mind where I give appreciation even to styles and trends very different from what I love, just because they come correct.

Let’s get down to business now: laces. When I wear a new pair of sneakers I leave the laces as they are. Crossed is my way of lacing, exactly like you find them in the box. Now let’s forget about me.

Let’s get into the world of a teenager that lives to impress his peers. Or let’s feel like a Japanese girl, obsessed with every little detail of her outfit, determined to make an impression in a world where style wars are at every street corner. What’s better than rocking U-Lace?!

In these days of overpriced limited edition kicks that have an unusual custom style, a customization like this becomes legit. Even an adult that doesn’t want to lace his sneakers he may use these Black No Tie Laces, if he doesn’t feel the Hot Pink No Tie Laces.

Use them to give a fresh twist to an old pair that still has potential or change your laces as soon as you cop your new kicks, it’s up to you but U-Lace is here to make you enjoy footwear to the maximum, turning your sneakers into designers slip on.

You can customize your sneakers in an endless way, depending on the colors and on your inspiration. U-Lace is a very simple concept crafted to last, to let you have it on your sneakers as long as you feel.

It’s a very short elastic lace that comes in a sixpack. Put it in horizontally or cross them if you feel. There are lacing designs to no end on ULace website.

The distribution for Italy is run by RNG Distribution, so tell your store that its old replacement laces are out: U-Lace is in!
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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