U.nderground P.roper P.reppie E.xhilarating R.awness

What’s this vintage craze all about you ask? It’s like sunday afternoon talks in front of a cup of tea. “Ah, back in the day…” and no matter the subject, you keep missing your old car, your old club, your old skate spot. See why there are a bunch of old school titles of posts here? I’m not stating that it was better before, I just miss the good old days. But I respect the new school, I can see the actual value of it, I even saw a dance ensemble on MTV the other day and they were all dressed in cardigans and nerd glasses and you know what? They looked dope. But some vintage stuff (or in this case “vintage looking”) has an impact that you can’t deny. This crewneck by Upper Playground has been around for a few seasons and they keep putting it in every collection. It’s a classic. You can’t front on a grey sweatshirt with some campus reference. In this era of hard times, recession and problems of the world in general, you’d better go out of the house with an helmet, no matter if you play American football or not. Of course you would look like a martian to go to your local grocery store with a helmet on, so kinda like a lucky charm you represent the protection for all the bad things that may happen to your head on a crewneck. A hell of a crewneck if you dare me to say. Do you remember when first I told you about Upper Playground prints on Alternative Apparel blanks? This is the fleece version: no holes in this fabric but the softness has gone bananas. I had this from the hands of Max P, our man when it comes to Interjeans items and he gave me this item in a bag that wasn’t clear. So I put my hand inside and before my eyes saw this, my hands got to touch it. Do you believe that, before taking the crewneck out of the bag i asked him: “Is it one of those product that… you know what I’m talking about?”. Me and Max get along really well, he taught me a lot on this world and I’ll be forever thankful to him. He knew that I recognized the item by the feel of it and he smiled. Organic cotton, recycled polyester and man made fibers are here to make this planet live the longest in the better possible condition. But if this isn’t enough, wear your helmet, even to go to your local bakery.

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