Upfront ● Compton beanie

Upfront takes care of that delicate head of yours in any weather. No matter if you want to play a matching game with the camouflage details of your shoes or if you want to have the freshest 5 panel cap of the party: this brand got your back.

Instead of venturing in snapbacks territory today, we point the spotlight to an item that, even if you didn’t notice, is gaining momentum: the folded beanie. We wore all types of beanies through the years, from long to short, with loud embroideries or small ones but now the trend seems to be the folded beanie with a small label on the hem of the fold.

It’s only right if you think about the diffusion of classic tattoos and the related sailor style that everybody seems to be inspired from. This makes the folded beanie a mandatory piece in the range of every brand and it is the craftsmanship to make the difference.

Here our headwear brand from Copenhagen thought that what would make this beanie precious is a leather label. Compton beanie doesn’t have an eco leather label or a woven one: we are dealing with real leather laser engraved. Such craftsmanship makes possible to have a very defined logo even on an extremely small piece.

Stay discreet like Elisa LP in these pictures and make all the details in your outfit count, without your beanie being too invasive. The ribbed knit of this beanie is ready to adapt to your style in this black colorway or in grey, two basic colorways that are ready to blend in your outfits. It’s still real cold and you should get rid of your old beanie from 2014. Browse Upfront website in the beanies section and get updated with a fresh solution to stay warm: Danish design always got the juice!
Shop online for this item here > https://upfrontcompany.com/collections/beanies/products/compton-beanie
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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