Upfront ● Kicks 5 Panel

Sneakers and urban life has been tightly connected for decades. Yes, before you saw on daily basis your favorite trainers on Instagram thinking that this is the norm, there were MCs like Nas saying “With more kicks than a baby in a mother’s stomach” or Danny Boy singing on the hook of that House Of Pain joint “Put on your sh_t kickers and kick some sh_t”.

Yes, in street slang that’s what kicks means: athletic shoes, sneakers, trainers. One of the main focus of sportswear and streetwear industry these days that not only sets the trends of colors and fits in apparel but also represents the main section of the revenues.
Did you think that it was only a matter of you and your crew of friends? No, it’s bigger than life: limited editions, collaborations and hard to find sneakers are now thrown at us from every possible corner.

Upfront is so aware of all the above that from his headquarters in Copenhagen created an opportunity out of the current situation: The Shoe Dog Collection. A set of 8 caps all revolving around sneaker collecting and reselling has been created with the keywords of this world at the center of the crown of black headpieces.

What we made wear from this selection of caps to Samira T is the Kicks 5 panel. With the same exact shape and material that we saw last time on Sonar 2 5 Panel: a thin nylon ripstop made of little squares. Its patch on the front is made of 3D rubber and it’s made of the same Futura Italic of another very well known logo in streetwear as another way of stating to which world this cap belongs to.

Its closure is very comfortable and contributes to a glove-like fit of this cap: its velcro strap is connected to an elastic band that makes the crown wrap around the head without being too tight. Be a Shoe Dog and cop this 5 panel on Upfront website straight from the source: no resellers needed here…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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