Upfront ● Mix Snapback

Upfront is Danish for headwear. The brand from Copenhagen is on a mission to provide everybody with caps of this or that style. Beanies? No problem. Five Panels? Of course Dad Caps? Absolutely. Snapbacks? Like we were in the 90s!

Everything started from a vision of the two DJ founders: being in the spotlight all the time while they played their sets, they thought that to wear their own caps would be a major upgrade in their lifestyle. So it went: the two formed a professional alliance in 1984 and this lead to create the brand later in 2009.

At present times the brand has an impressive roster of DJ ambassadors among Europe and Korea. With such an heritage based on the love for music and clubbing sometimes it’s easy to let club culture slip inside Upfront range.

This headwear piece here worn by Margherita P is called Mix Snapback. Like it’s not easy to mix two records with a flawless style, it’s also not easy to create a snapback with a sporty inspiration that stands out but our Danish friends succeed. Sticking to the two tone formula, this cap has all it takes to make the difference with flavor. Beside the right shape of the six panel crown, not too tall and not too low, the embroidery relies on a vintage American campus style of font. If you look at it closely you can notice that the thread used is a bit shiny, almost pearly.

Other features that show how this cap is far from average is the under visor made of satin and the little flag on the back. While the first detail is a sign of finesse, the latter is the Upfront trademark showing that you “wear it like you mean it”, exactly like Upfront claim wants you to. Next time you want to shine in the DJ booth during your set, you know what to wear…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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