Upfront ● Sonar 2 5 Panel Cap

I can’t stay too long off Upfront: the brand from Copenhagen just brings a different headwear flavor to the table. Blame it on its two DJ founders but the way caps are designed in this camp has a touch apart.


Take this Sonar 2 5 panel cap. Starting from the name, how fresh is to name your item after the most popular electronic music festival in Europe?! Basically… being the boss, you make your own rules and if said rules revolve around music, having a good time and superior headwear, your plan is flawless. 5 panel caps are still strong for what concerns headwear style and as you may remember, it’s not the first time that we bump into an Upfront sonar cap.


Check these pictures of Margherita P to understand what this cap about. This 5 panel cap (also called camper style) is made of a sort of “sail cloth meets ripstop” fabric whose look is not only fresh but also tech. Now the question is: can you be loud but smooth at the same time? Of course, just look at this branding on the left side: 1984 is black on grey, big as far as dimensions but very discreet. Keep the visor slightly curved and show its branding with the mirrored sticker on it.


My favorite feature is the fit by the way. Check closely the closure: the velcro is wrapped around a loop attached to the cap by an elastic band. This makes the fit stand out compared to some cheap 5 panels invading the planet like the plague.


We are dealing with a piece that you can match to your sneakers to make a proper thing but basically the neutral shade of grey gets along nicely with almost everything. Not feeling it? Looking for something else? Upstream website got you covered with beanies and snapbacks of all sorts (and underwear too!)
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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