Upfront ● Sonar 5 Panel Cap

I always think that to every situation there is the perfect cap. If you add to that the fact that your cap should go well with your outfits (and there is a virtual infinite number that you could potentially create), the truth is evident. Like no beanie should be worn in a sweaty club (even if people do so), but a fresh headwear piece like this cap by Upfront.

The brand from Denmark is giving you a hint with this Sonar 5 Panel cap: with such a name, only two DJs may be the founders of this brand. Isn’t it also the name of one of the most important electronic music festivals in Europe?!

This cap is not representing the George Orwell book about a future of omnipresent government surveillance, persecuting individualism called 1984. Nossiir, that is the year that marks the birth of Upfront.

Some people call this style camper, some others volley but regardless of how you want to call it its strong retro vibe brings us back to the technical nautical gear worn on the streets. I’m talking about golden age hip hop in the 90s, where you had puffy goose jackets together with color block fleeces. This cap has a technical feeling, with its shiny sail cloth ripstop fabric that sets it apart.
The contrast front panel has two retro fresh stripes of color: pastel pink and aqua green, just to make you enjoy the possible matchings of this cap on the head of Jasmine P. You just bought those pink sneakers that you always wanted but an all pink dad cap is not your cake? This is the cap that will make you be the coolest cat of the club.

By the way I may say everything I want but the claim on the front panel destroys all my theories: wear it like you mean it (and not as I tell you…)
Shop online for this item here > https://upfrontcompany.com/collections/news/products/uf1291-0099

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