Upfront ● Spinback Baseball Soft

How could a dedicated headwear brand like Upfront stay off the pink Dad Cap trend? Impossible! Once you have the fever for the cap, no way to miss any of these and this color is reigning for a couple of seasons now.

We headwear fans call Dad Cap any unstructured baseball cap with a curved visor and it seems like it’s the perfect moment to rock such style. The crossed U and F aren’t new to this blog anyway: one year ago we saw this sporty logo before on that Team UP snapback.

This headwear piece called Spinback Baseball Soft here on the head of Jasmine P is made of a cotton twill that will feel smooth on your head, following each and every curve of it. It’s all pink, outside and inside, including the internal taping.

The 3D embroidery on the front is reminiscing of those sporty baseball caps like LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, SF Giants where the two main letters get intertwined to create a captivating and recognizable logo. Being a cap with an high level of quality of course the closure is not made of plastic. A strong strap that you can make it fit through its metal little buckle is surmounted by a red woven label on the arch, as your favorite headwear brand from Copenhagen got you used to.

Now you want me to tell you how to wear this cap properly? It is a cool headwear piece so… you gotta play accordingly. Men and women alike should wear this cap regardless of their style: from dressy to distressed anything goes. Avoid the 90’s matching cap / sneakers. Throw it in having fun, even mismatching colors. If you want to match it by any means, an all white pair of kicks is the perfect choice. On subject of choice, this is an element never lacking from this brand: colors and styles are waiting for you on Upfront website.
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