Upfront ● UP09 snapback

When your engine is music, your headwear has an extra boost. You are also sure of the potential of your cap on the dancefloor or at a music festival. Being Upfront a vision of two DJs that decided it was about time to rock their own caps in and out the booth, it turned into a successful entity. I use this word instead of “brand” because Upfront is like a family: a tight group of people is behind those crazy nice designs that I showed you here already.


UP09 is the name of this fresh camo flavored piece that Martina C is wearing in these pictures. Camo literally blew up a few seasons ago and it’s nice to see it back.


It represents the style war outside your window but also the spirit of challenge that is common in street based activities, from graffiti writing to skateboard contests. This one is a Woodland camo on a thick fabric that has been washed over and over in a way that gives a vintage feeling to it.


The X on the front of the crown is here to tell you that Upfront saw the light of day in 2009. Reminiscing graphically of the X that New York Hardcore movement used to put all around it the letters NYHC, this cap lives up to the standard Upfront got us used to. The red woven label on the back is there, together with a slightly tall crown and a current curved visor.


I’ll see you on the dancefloor but you’d better come with a hot piece from Upfront website or… I may win the war.

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