Upfront – Amulet snapback

Upfront is no stranger to ill caps. The brand from Copenhagen put his stamp of approval in form of leather patch on another superior snapback. With a continuous research that drives Upfront to the limit of experimentation, you can bet that the shape of its snapbacks is always on point. Now that I brought these truth “out of the cap” let me tell you a story about a lucky day. I woke up that day knowing that there was a very important local skate contest. That was in my twenties, when I lived, breathed and slept skateboarding, so to say. During breakfast this box of biscuits had written on its side that an amulet for Virgos was to find a coin of little value. As ridiculous as it may seem… I found a coin on the ground that day and I won the contest. There was this guy that was about to open his store and guess what? He even offered me my first job at the first skateshop in town. The outcome is that now when I see a little coin on the ground I never let it there, I put it in my pocket mad happy. That is the only amulet I believe in. Some believe in Hamsa as a powerful amulet, this hand that is against the evil eye, here printed in electric blue on this Amulet snapback on the head of Francesca T. Good style is guaranteed by this polyester twill and its brocade print and good luck is guaranteed by the Hamsa. Add a very fresh burgundy under visor and you are virtually invincible. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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