Upfront ● Breakdown snapback

Upfront is how you say headwear in Danish. A lot of time passed since the first cap from this Copenhagen brand has been posted here to be put under your attention. In the meantime the game plan of the DJ founders of Upfront did not change much: to create exclusive caps with a worldwide appeal following the utmost standards of quality. All this without losing touch with what’s hot, covering every style of cap that you and me like.

Considering that this cap is very hot, I had to shoot it with the help of Silvia DZ close to some hydrants, just in case a fire problem may surface. This is the Breakdown snapback, a cap with a strong attitude that kinda switched the game on the opposite. While you may find all types of 3D embroidery on the front of all the snapbacks around, this one kept the thing to a minimum. Who said that 2D embroidery isn’t nice? The crown of this cap has a delicate branding that says Upfront with a single line of stitching that forms an uber clean logo.

Completely black for what concerns plastic closure and under visor, this piece is for those that believe in that “less is more” claim. Don’t you ever dress all in black and white? This is the cap that was missing from your outfit. When you are tired of the same caps and you want a cap that stands out, Upfront is your choice, if you consider that it has still no official Italian distributor (read: very rare). Get it now, before you get a breakdown…

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