Upfront – Keep it real UF snapback

You may not be familiar with Upfront but you can always rely on The Maxiemillion for what concerns freshness and updates on the streetwear scene. I’m not sure if you know but Denmark is pretty strong for what concerns design and you know that no blog like this pays attention to the design of caps and their shape. This brand from Copenhagen wants you to rock proper headwear, regardless of the time. It has something clean for your Tuesday morning and something steaming hot for your Saturday night. Founded in 2009 by two DJs with a passion for looking good with your own flavor, Upfront started with the right foot forward. I kid you not when I tell you that I saw its booth at Bright Tradeshow and I wanted to check it because I saw some sharp headgear. We are starting to venture in this territory with a killer Keep It Real UF snapback. With a design on the crown that is strictly inspired by Yo, MTV raps, I fell in love at first sight with this snapback that Ramona R is wearing. No surprise: I’m desperately in love with the hip hop scene of the 90s and that TV show was the best ever from that era. A grey zebra striped cap with a pink under visor that says “Mean it” in yellow has swagger for your whole crew. “Wear it like you mean it” is Upfront claim so you have to be completely sure that you can rock this piece with pride. Just put “T.R.O.Y.” in your headphones and the rest will follow.

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