Upfront – Obi snapback

Flower power? Not really. Power moves? Most likely! Upfront never ceases to think forward. The Copenhagen brand took a path where in its big picture everything counts: shape, materials, designs and colors. In an average world, an headwear brand would be happy with one satin cap with a floral pattern but not here at Upfront. After we saw that Obi X snapback last May, here comes another version very close to that one: Obi snapback. They both share the same satin fabric that beside being smooth allows an impressive definition of the print. But this one is all satin, no eco leather visor here. Although it’s very feminine as you can see from these pictures of Ylenia G, I highly recommend it to male headwear fans too. I know guys, you are asking yourselves “Flowers?! An all white satin cap?!”. It’s the type of cap that requires some skills to be included in a killer outfit but if properly done, you can shine. I can envision it in an outfit of an all white tee, a pair of army green joggers and white low top sneakers. Simple, clean and effective. When you have a loud cap don’t add more graphics and patterns to your outfit: let all the attention go to your snapback. That’s basically the key to let this satin turn you into “the man”. You can rely on this brand for a street style level of finesse like this. Keep Upfront website in check because its DJ founders are very inspired and want you to get familiar with the next level in headwear. Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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