Upfront – Obi X snapback

Upfront is one of the few “headwear only” brands I know. Your favorite brands may also have jackets, hoodies and tees but not this one. The one and only focus of Upfront, this independent brand from Copenhagen, is to make you find a cap that you may “wear it like you mean it”. So says its claim and in this case it’s more than accurate. You can’t go out not sure if this snapback will appeal to your friends, half worried about it. You gotta wear it with the same swagger of a king wearing its crown. Strong and bold, this vivid print is not for those that love to dress clean. Dare to think outside the box and let this cap shine on your head. The word “shine” isn’t thrown at you in its hip hop slang sense but literally. This snapback is conform to the tradition of the excellent shape that Upfront got us used to and the same goes for the patch in the front and the PU visor but the fabric steals the show here. The brocade print on this Obi X snapback is something never seen before. It’s easy to realize once you look at this Henriett N pictures. This polyester fabric has a detailed print that may be overloaded with colors to some but to some others is the perfect solution to wear that all black t-shirt without any print. If you are a DJ and you founded an headwear company, like in this case, the least thing you want is to drop average stuff. It all makes sense… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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