Upfront – Officer UF melange beanie

Beanies are the coolest caps. There is a renaissance of this style of cap because brands realized that there is an infinite number of possibilities to make a beanie special. Once it was folded and very long, belonging more to hip hop fans, like B-Real in its early days, to name one. Nowadays with the influence of classic tattoos and nautical style there is this wave of folded beanies that make you look like you are about to jump on your boat and set sails. Upfront knows. The headwear brand from Copenhagen came with an unparalleled beanie today. Officer UF melange beanie is this cap whose shade of blue is reminiscing of your favorite denim. To give it a strong identity our designers though that they should give it a luxury branding such as the leather patch that you see in the fourth picture. Its cable knit retro style is cozy and I couldn’t have picked a better model to shoot for it than Michela B. Upfront offers a valid alternative to other brands for a simple reason: it was born with a level of quality in mind far from average. Being Upfront an “headwear only” brand founded by two DJs with a deep love for urban style, you can bet that its collections are close to street level but with a DJ mentality: you sure don’t want to do a replica of what others do. And from what I have heard you like to be original, don’t you?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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