Upfront – Tempel Lane 2 snapback

Can’t front on Upfront! The brand from Copenhagen is quick to catch up on current styles and what is even better is the fact that the structure and the shape of their snapbacks is on point too. You know that I’m on this headwear affair for a minute, seeking quality and originality. This brand caught my attention during the latest Bright Tradeshow and so our connection began from there. Today we check the Tempel Lane 2 snapback, here on the head of Nadia R. The X is a strong graphic element in its throwback moment but its origins go back to the early New York hardcore punk scene. When S.O.D. first album came out in 1985, everybody was starting to draw on denim jackets the X with two letters for your city and HC for hardcore. Time flies and trends come back but the context changed a lot. No hardcore punk here at Upfront but just the power of this symbol. Beside the crown and its “front” written all around the X, you should give a look to the visor. Its black and white pattern is a combination of U and F in a very clean style. Don’t you see this snapback blend easily in your street goth outfits? Don’t forget an important step before you go out: wear it like you mean it. This is the claim of our Danish brand and I couldn’t agree more. The cap is just an element but you are the main component of the image that you give to the people. Thank God, Upfront is on your side.

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