Upper Playground ● Monna Lisa Zip Up hoodie

I gotta start with a disclaimer: I’m not into art and I don’t give away the title “artist” easily. Artists are trendsetters, not copycats. Plus I never studied art, so this automatically doesn’t make me an expert. But they say that art doesnt’ need explaination, it just needs to evocate thoughts and emotions. The emotion of my 81 years old mother in front of this Upper Playground masterpiece was desperation. She figured out that I would wear this to go out with her to take her to the hairdresser or on a sunday lunch at my brother’s. This is party wear. Special occasion stuff. You are wearing a magnet for attention when you’re rocking this. So be sure to roll with a deep posse or leave this stuff at home. You may end up in a bar with a drunk girl drinking a “snakebite” or two in front of a football match that thinks she’s having distorted visions. Once the snake bites her, when she spots on your garment the most famous painting ever by Leonardo da Vinci, La Gioconda she will be astonished for sure. After a couple of minutes of inspection she will even see La dama con l’ermellino. Both are part of the print on this 100% polyester zipper hoodie. There is a legend around that says that no more than 10 pieces of this garment ever made it to Interjeans srl officies of San Marino. Time to shut my mouth now and let the pictures do the talking. This is as dope as a Method Man/Redman afterparty.

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