Upper Playground ● T-shirts drop October 2009

Estevan Oriol+Sam Flores+Jeremy Fish+Rezeon+Alex Pardee+Adnauseum+Oblvn=a bunch of new tees from Upper Playground.

Estevan Oriol gives you a punch that is much welcomed, straight form the school of the hard knocks. Did it hurt?

Sam Flores lives in a world that is far from Busta Rhymes Arab money. Do you think he is more oriented towards oriental lands where flowers got power?

A lone wolf is around by himself most of the time. Do you think that it can get hungy sometimes?

That Grim (reaper) tee is nearly scary. Is Halloween near?

The social networking craze is taking over and superfishality too. Don’t you think that girls should post on social networks pics of how cute they are while they do a knit job, instead of posting drunk pics in clubs?

After that Italian designer, now it’s the turn of that urban brand from LA. Do you think that any of these dudes rocking a Medusa like this from Rezeon on their tee shirt knows the mythological story of the said character?

Ownership. Jigga said that the city is its property, but what about Alex Pardee full metal rifle?

Some things in life are forever. Do you think it will be the same with Ozzy’s life, like Adnauseum warn us?

Hell seems to be a place with flames in abundance. Do you think that food is hotter there?

Friendship is important. Do you know how reliable was Tony Montana’s little friend?

Ian Mc Kaye never had a sheep. Do you think he was like a black sheep anyway out of step with the world?
Desmond Deker was delighting people on stage singin 007 Shanty Town. How could him be a secret agent with all eyes on him?

This is an Upper Playground post featuring OBLVN tee Goreground, as the last (but not least) one. Don’t you think that Upper Playground makes concept tees that are simply impossible to beat? Life is full of questions and these ones here above are a few that make you reflect on how creative is this unique world. A few tee shirts that drop more knowledge than your favourite digital encyclopedia…

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