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That movie Blow was sick. I enjoyed it. Not so much in the second part, when it was clear that Johnny Deep destiny was to decay up to the point of self distruction, but the beginning. How they end up doing what they do. The beginning of the drug kingpin era in California, now that the magic leaf is available in medical pharmacies under prescriprion, is just funny. Being a hostess passing by all the policemen with bags filled with uncontrolled substances nowadays is unthinkable of. Those images came to mind when I saw the above bags in a pretty retro design. Young pretty ladies in flight uniform holding tight their hidden treasure in a knockoff of an airline bag signed by Upper Playground. Isn’t this concept something pleasant? According to the movie this doesn’t lead to a happy end, so you’d better think of these bags like something to put inside towels, slippers, sun protection, an endless kit of tees, shorts like there’s no tomorrow and a few cut and sew items, just in case. The latest products out of Upper Playground crew, freshly served to you from Bread&Butter Berlin, are these travel bags made in eco leather that add another smile to the joy of going on holiday. At The Maxiemillion we support holidays and hostesses, flights (possibly to far away destinations) and all the fun that goes with it.
If you have any problems to coordinate all of the above, just get in contact with us.

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