Upper Playground ● Sailor Man Fleece hoodie

Upper Playground is back like it never left. The brand that represent artists from the infamous San Francisco collective is hitting hard on us today. Not a t-shirt or a hoodie with a tricky design that makes reference to pop culture or hip hop icons, this time we are dealing with a cut & sew piece.

Its European distributor Double H is happy to say that they are really satisfied with the level of fleeces that come in several different models including varsities with contrast sleeve. What we are talking about today is this piece that Yuri is wearing called Sailor Man Fleece hooded. That flap on your chest that turns into a hoodie with no strings is seriously making confusion on the thin line among couture and streetwear.

It drops flawless on your shoulders. Its army green color is what matches best the bright pattern that forms the lining of the hoodie. Said pattern forms a sort of camouflage with walrus heads. In this period where crazy floral patterns are all over your 5 panels caps and camo trend is still strong, this piece is really nice.

Nicer than fresh croissants in the morning for Kanye West if you ask me. To make the job complete, this piece also has an Upper Playground logo embroidered on the left shoulder beside an label stitched on the left cuff as you can see in the first picture. Little details from those artistic minds that work hard to give you style that can only attract consensus.

Go peep the whole new fall/winter collection on Double H website now.

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