Upstream ● Death t-shirt

It’s the last post of 2019. I am not the type of guy that goes crazy organizing every kind of concept or promo at any given festivity. It is in my attitude not to give a f___ so, why should I change, forcing myself to do something that I don’t feel?! By the way it’s the end of the year or, better yet, of the decade so I should represent in a fair way this moment and Upstream serves me a brilliant way to do so with a tee of its latest collection.

You know that the brand from Milan is never missing among my posts and even if this year Upstream box came a little late, here I am to update you on this brand.

I have seen it recently in a big chain of stores based in Milan aka Treesse and this is nothing but good news for Upstream, being such chain all over the Milan urban area. But back to the concept that represents this moment of the year to the fullest here we give a look to Death t-shirt.

It is the end of a cycle, right? This means that it is over or… it is dead. The gifted hand of designer Ghilan Ghirardelli realized that giving a flip to tarot cards and making them contemporary and street related was a winning move and I can’t do nothing but agree.Don’t get it wrong: Death card is a positive one that marks an end and the start of something new, so if you are playing superstitious here you are totally out of place. This t-shirt is, on the contrary, something to wear proudly, especially in an historical moment like ours.

Screenprinted in Italy, this is the only death that does good to your style beside to your soul and if I was you I did not miss the opportunity to play such card in an outfit. Feel free to contact my friends over at Upstream at because this item is not available yet on the website. Just let them party now, write them in 2020…

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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