Upstream Clothes Co. ● Paradise Isla Beach t-shirt

Upstream has a smashing tee for your summer and of course I had to post it on The Maxiemillion. My friends from Milan did not become the hottest thing under the sun for millions of people but carved respectably their niche and like they were the Jungle Brothers… they do their own thing.


With an eye on contemporary streetwear and the other on a very personal joyful vibe, Upstream season after season kept on creating cohesive collections and this one can be found among Summer 2019 tees and fleeces. Recognizing that the wave of neon colors is gaining momentum, graphic designer Ghilan Ghirardelli went for a current update of a recurring element in streetwear: the palm tree.


Synonimous with California easy living, such tree made the brand from Milan dream of escaping the concrete jungle, to reach Paradise Isla beach. Out of its classic contest (the Hawaiian shirt) and with a colorway that gives such a strong impact, the result is a t-shirt that gets noticed (and makes you smile).


Its craftsmanship is not a joke by the way: it is handmade in Italy. Not only it is screenprinted by the Upstream clique but even the blank tee is far from average. Give a look to the ripples on hem and sleeves (that remind me of a denim hem): isn’t this irregular stitching a huge plus of the t-shirt? The handmade approach is what makes this brand stand out, together with its designs.


If at this point you recognize that your Summer without this t-shirt would be such a waste, what you can do is browse Upstream website and cop it. If you don’t find it, you may write an email telling my friends that after you saw this tee on The Maxiemillion you want it even if it’s sold out. They could be so cool to screenprint one just for you. But maybe they will be on holiday on an island full of palms… Don’t worry then: the whole website will have a valid alternative for you!

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