Upstream Clothes Co. – Axe & Saw t-shirt

Did you notice that the great outdoors are a major inspiration in streetwear? Fisherman caps and beanies, flannels, duck boots, jackets with hunter patches and much more. The reasons are several. The city life is too intense at times so an escape seems to be the only solution. All this didn’t pass unnoticed by Upstream so the idea was to develop the whole collection around the character of a lumberjack. Don’t you remember the last time that I posted an Upstream t-shirt? It had the whole lumberjack kit printed on it. This time the item from this brand that we are checkin is called Axe & Saw t-shirt. Ghilan Ghirardelli is the man behind the design of this screen printed tee. White on black like this is hotter than it was before these days. It is the only colorway available for this 100% made in Italy tee that Clio P is wearing. Its fit is quite slim and the dimension of the neck ring is small, according to the measurements that Upstream decided to have, not relying on blanks ready to print. Not only it’s cut & sew in Italy but even the screen printing process is made completely by hand and not by an industrial process. Here is the actual point of strength of Upstream: it’s the result of the work of a group of friends. This is what makes this brand accessible and gives you the feeling that you can actually relate to it. Check Upstream website to see the whole collection. Are you ready to chop off the weak styles of your opponents? Pictures courtesy of Letizia Da Re.

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