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There are many reasons that push you to buy a t-shirt and it’s my duty to know them all (or at least most of them). If once it was taste and quality of the item nowadays you buy an item to be part of a group. When something is having an hype bigger than life you sure want to show your peers that you are somebody “in the know” and you are not missing the bandwagon. Two other reasons for wanting real bad a tee are its shock value rather than one of your idols wearing it.

Upstream Clothes Co. gives you the best of both worlds today with this Banana t-shirt. Starting from shock value we aren’t doing bad here. What to say about a skeleton with a bottle lying inside a banana peel? Is it enough shocking for you? The gifted hand of Ghilan Ghirardelli strikes again. The artist behind this brand, that is also co founder with Mattia Colombo, gives all his potential to every graphic design of the brand.

Not long ago an Italian idol known as J-Ax, an OG rapper that is also a TV personality and talent show judge was rocking on national tv this Banana tee and this has been a huge plug for Upstream. It is no wonder considering that both the artist and the brand are from Milan and Ax loves shock value since day 1.

So you would agree with me that this tee is made in Italy to the fullest: design, craftsmanship and endorser are all certified. My suggestion at this point is that instead of following hype you should stay true to your identity. Stop trying to look like the all-American guy that you are not, nothing is sweet like the sensation of being genuine, as you can see from the smile of Giorgia G.

This tee is available online on Upstream website but if you still love to go shopping in brick and mortar shop you can find this item in all Amedeo D stores.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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