Upstream Clothes Co. ● Brand Bianca

What’s in a logo? If I have to reply right off the bat I would say: “It’s the graphic representation of your brand”. Or better yet how you want your brand to be perceived by others.

For Upstream Clothes Co. it’s a matter of street credibility to have that S intertwined with the U. It’s a couple of letters that represent the union among the two associates Mattia Colombo and Ghilan Ghirardelli in a common project where they have their respective space where one does sales and planning while the other is the artistic director.

How can heart exist without brain? Or a smartphone without Sim card? This is one of the most healthy teams I know of and the proof is that such team is doing its thing since 2014. Upstream isn’t a veteran but at the same time trials and errors shaped the brand into what it is today.

With the genuine approach to streetwear of this brand, here comes Brand Bianca, a white made in Italy t-shirt whose potential has been exploited to the maximum in this post. What I mean by this is that I tested the international potential of our t-shirt, sending it out to London to my freelance photographer that shot it in that city, an epicenter of street fashion and alternative music too important to be left out of The Maxiemillion.

With the logo designed by Ghilan himself, Caterina V shows that the tee can look fresh in any spot you feel like. Color combination plays his part with the choice of blue instead of black, close to the red logo, but it’s the design that makes it appealing. Give a look to the new and improved Upstream website and discover more of this brand. You will end up representing authentic Italian style wherever you go and there is a strong possibility that people from all over the world will show you love…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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