Upstream Clothes Co. ● Cards t-shirt

I have a bond for a few seasons with Upstream now. Introduced to the two owners at a local trade show, I immediately felt the potential of this little brand with a big soul and I give it my support whenever I can, letting you know about its collections through my posts. It was in a recent one in fact that I presented you Death t-shirt, a concept based on a big tarot card on the back and a branding on the front.

There is enough research on the roots of our culture that it seems a millennium ago but no. Just a few decades ago, when you had a major problem or a difficult decision to take, sometimes you had people telling you: “Why don’t you go visit Madame X? She reads tarots and could be helpful”. Go tell this to a millennial and he would be like: “Tarots?! What are those???”.

The medium (a t-shirt in this case) is a way to bring back forgotten worlds and spark conversations in this way, the actual reason why streetwear was born. Yes, in case you didn’t know, before you wore a tee to show off about how much money you got, streetwear was a way to communicate quickly what your interest were in order to make new friends that share a common passion, be it rocking the mic just like spraypainting walls.

If your passion is the next streetwear trend, just like the future of urban music, a set of tarots could be useful but would you really base your actions on such a random method too peep what’s to come?

Peep how Cheone, the artist behind this design, found a way to bring his “snake scheme” of the U and S intertwined that we saw in the past, to this set of cards. This is what I call having a vision. While I keep on clapping to his genius feel free to contact with an email the boys at Upstream to cop this item: this tee is not on the website…

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