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God save the Queen. Now that I think about it I hope God saves us from uninspired t-shirt designs but fortunately today it’s not the case. If there is a factor that is not lacking from this tee, it is the inspiration behind it. Do you remember that not long ago we saw a crewneck by Upfront Clothes Co. called Opposite Fleece with a xeroxed-like design, to pay a tribute to early punk rock fliers?


Chiodo t-shirt belongs to the same collection therefor the vibe is the same but it has a completely different approach. Celebrating the timeless leather jacket worn by punks starting from the end of the 70s, this t-shirt represents a twist on a classic item of punk culture. Call it chiodo or perfecto or generically biker jacket, this item was the key of the look of any punk in London in that era. You had a regular one only if you were a rookie in the game, otherwise your jacket had spikes, badges and stencils all over it, defining your punk interests when you approached another member of your movement.


Can you tell I miss those days? Ghilan Ghirardelli, the creative behind the graphic design of this brand, this time gave a new twist to the U and the S intertwined that he creates every season. Do I really need to tell you that he succeeded? This Chiodo t-shirt, here worn by Elena S celebrates that retro freshness that makes you easily crack a smile.


Look at how he recreated carefully spikes and pins but the detail that stands out here is the belt. I recognize that to make two letters wear a leather jacket is not an easy task but the final result is a work of art.


The little big unit of friends that is behind this brand deserves your support and this happens shopping like there is no tomorrow on Upstream website. At this point let me say… may God save your credit card!
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