Upstream Clothes Co. ● Coral Snake hoodie

Upstream Clothes Co. is here to attack you in a lethal way. Is there anything more deadly then venom of a snake?! Like it happens with many brands recurring designs modified at each season is a way to carry on a message.

Call it fascination with the animal kingdom or more specifically with the strong impact of a dangerous reptile, but Upstream has a thing for snakes. It was January 2015 when I first showed you that crewneck called Snake II. Then in September 2015 we gave a look to Snake III t-shirt and last season I posted Snake V tee.

The saga continues and what could ever be better than this Coral Snake hoodie to carry on tradition?! Leaving the large print of a reptile to the back panel and keeping the front clean is a smart approach. Only an old English branding in a short arch on the chest can be found on the front panel of this item.

Another crucial factor when we deal with Upstream items is their craftsmanship. The brand from Milan kept the production local so no matter which item you find captivating, it is made in Italy and you know that this is a plus not to underestimate.

A reason why this item gets mad love from The Maxiemillion is the color palette. Isn’t it the same of Los Angeles Dodgers?! I have a thing for white fleeces by the way: it’s a refreshing way to dare in a world of grey, black and navy hoodies. Take also a look on the cord of the hoodie, large as a shoelace and refined at the end with a knot. It’s also because of a detail like this that you can recognize the genuine street flavor of Upstream.

I can feel the stoke about this item here worn by Elena S but I gotta tell you that it is so new that… it’s not online on Upstream website yet. Feel free to contact Upstream telling you want this hoodie at their contact page. The people behind this brand is nice, nobody will bite you, rest assured…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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